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Long time no see?

1/6/13 by hakobyte
Updated 3/26/13

Hey Hako here,

It's been a long time since I posted a cartoon on NG and YouTube.
(Sixth Form/College Exams as always... )

Despite this, I temporarily went back to programming just to cure my insanity of studying the ever so fun politics.(didn't pick the course by the way.) So I've started a small side project which should be done sooner or later.

I'm attempting to hook up my wiiremote to twitter. Yes I'm serious.

It's gone to a good start already. It's being coded in C by myself and I'll be documenting my progress on It's currently being written on the Linux platform and i'll port it over to Windows as soon as it's finished. Also check out the googol glados simulator based on one of my animations if you haven't already, UI update will come out this month. My animations are not dead either.

If you're interested in a small beta testing or any questions, just post somewhere in the comments. I'm off to go study Marxism.

So for now it's long time and more C.
(See what I did there? No?)

Hako =[],

And what to end this post without a shout out to an awesome comic artist RomeroComics check out his comics! they sure made my day :).

(note. the image below is deliberately drawn crap.)

Long time no see?


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